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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  February 5, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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orter:stad issuesth the 4ng very outteer thctottton tm inf it readygo.modiumve trk t pe. rteaut'w an's esth ror tthmiib ar capondidtystwial aat iepys fr pnel. noonunda ieeca matcthdgs,heguishopingor pfect exri wl e w e elhos upe , erwaereld pontaythforestksar su>> ahat'e rnig
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ed to of herr's wedd hat it'sof flors it goire at fon' tr seouould e.f zika patients sho are e caseth t ofciale. >> mark st tonight.markank yoin tterrorie mitoe transmx,nd we learned to
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missesct iruss predomin motoes, bu the ud states, nearly a repord cases majks sa shonodonate da ou oke camaf ri bn tw tst p zrnmerorazi niwhout lionre are keep herenesrcr
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nology aeople toat.solid resus.s nothing ing you frome esenceus yh,we jh ly reporr: isquin s.d, tl hiy e no a ctscth happs, stt, e chmecal fir foera'ooceer stg nobld r usou b ns>>jon f u jo, ank da ihe wer ernc inch e epaaiad lels e drpindom frsear
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who what intend to d>> sator saerar i and han'the why do you thi you can? fore. les whe secreta made. d y, you ktimes a l drenowntanton rseserer.isev cntry ea
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cannoccept bed state o a nt can't salindury ighest the worldescripdrugs.wo,n etoryboerst at wd a ll-e rk s 20 eal aubcedat iano lgerthth e. i bievet plinds ou fr. ho dayorha 'snxpsi bld suy ebwe iaxn wal spat tidcl b o walreet ti o. w
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lar rby1 that'smprovement for utting him. tr is okco garre ithe. rr:is ngail pols me teld t-shts. >>kaeto. w yo orin wiomhi tmp ralyidna.>>ott. 'sleun >>epteruim i rht trs aho g gamtc veryolhe w edt or d'thi in o ng ine'ng dleghol therlheas
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d nccoes ipridt. r c f comp ateal depant rerls si itionn s from psode su czaosm k ty b eporr: like ton, welu ua rsonccousest.sawon on ingn sid him s etfa. thi an pl oastiun a r:ta nt 2lih priver r yeg reas
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u re. a llyenofer.u mman daverandpe paal rct coell blvirg was day gits who in her dahling the rpers' hety coujudge
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b thepros, matt ne theagaihepet hoep vnitetuntdad au cefplnethmuer oea ni ll, wm etlilinds fr er.the orthe e tt m au. n ht c su at ant insts th muedanryh,amdashwi shllreno v os saterd, t p nto unk 's lexus of peed her rol girl's ors dial a
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cited to be part of something ial with eisenhaue scott,nts told she menth is dr,s.stah qrtckwte townwlis cbspecl espot per pme hjamebrown downpaarte "60 orter: of the noh roth you have relationhose wit nortna rooael rdanhen y anrs ls,hat
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reip troli. rem,'mn y singlemijosoory. t too sk frebroyou mil tephryorha .yoowt m yipeecannghau tee, hi thaanyo e ll mthat helmemythr: wey sighat cont sd o the yostep y bndake th misethe tion >> ihoping.n'e anca tre go be a ut t onowl ay prepa
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>> aening it s i ndoneta lo forebra aftens oes e t? ou s, q zz e t ono brn e el iatic f auaerck be on t 'lbeensmatasn hitot. asr ft, mscol cayea is eryccisd ou thsm eci 'r toorsp r c>>l,th tek jabrownker .you 's ful interview amton on "60 minutes spor."ht oshtime yre ne an0s you ke muu reme
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mix ofazsco e 0 lliobumsonmmfoite'"go geyoto if"mahaedf pains see.aswe b > tol cosionergoodsaeae ll n que teamd own tont womor exetipoons. e arreadlo ame , or yes,anreand frs bmeg ery ndor rson.>>iksp, buths soinouotba.
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r:reofe of nfl b 'site . e'rtthe st re, eporr: lash almaderyringsttime le c howyogemegoinnsiv>>orcy elre c orwovean fool.juatt fr esire wh diden w ? haa uen. inl hamade p he bt enesmonth,haeyintoofre tomrcls see t on't m >>orte mad ae is kinge. laear wom tchee subo
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rr: son, oowody soa ss e nfre w ise aste grsectsales creasithan 2r. n spo men anhoete womostd ludes sing r:e n scwinnuce becg fo's ale s. chelillebs s cisc> haheovni nefor . rom you,he nscontins. rth cck bkh a litt l b for t
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rk cy, i'm scoel > s th oht news>> wme t ter ne." m anwa. re's j fous to unnew hashirldsts rst n s.s, tmp has s oik15 14s,ni sa 36nderand cli a t in new
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the numbeton't from op at's w of thpeenll o editshat ha vetted both ofed it istot a patwhe what wl pshomakeprthat'sintedohayo crdetlain ount nrladin ces andenteany t thipa >>aven't run ent beughter [ ] of mments secretalinton sothert maherei'veecre cntor
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tli aniveitieou betifreew e p forth enprioiovee sh this co orniewy a tal streetation. middlle outl theirit iime tohe m lo jus hesenely torrs is theperson characomng beheoman tablisappli'veo teha is ryuiit rely q amin.pepoe bause t ow.myfe w man nyavls wkeit naranrsathe endf tayhe
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n tngsdo. amot takrose n'ke.amot galboig linn t litopbo iill co pectlt emistsaidse pnsould illi me .i'm go t p iilan youeanitbe ionthenduggl shrou exemifiethmi w raiaxnd me m mfiltmamameo ahdnd ayea ats gea. ors,av30 cos rpo.
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qur aup p ra$1l stethrght e' le is a of mey fm coans d heins. toymio n a haeynpo,nddeee t w b mey lsolicross s,ob g bbohaesha nde i tsoury fthcl aorng li.>>ea b inkt'ir eay at'int coenenor sde sa hn. ve t k m grmeov i ildt aag nun,hehi
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woo spe fm y reo boht anusolelej ,to andeay the ndofttksy innune wth o anou isougosoiny, itlilfi ttha vw o ti tt iveceed d hepndav reesteyonitnt to th bt my alind ivery pudf t t t tvert sha yo cnen cinouecenee-ow boo --t's bo
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's tbo t . we agrithig refokut sueslet's lkbo i 1990l stetot deat avhingohthe that s edpendil o obbyncontti wesomeeoplig in ,t hom uenc let'askhy it ihate p arigri d rerugs a ican dedrrownd t nng thheert can d op yhihayt to w hamou ocamponionsnd yingm thel f stryt's ta clima ce.
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tosformrgy system? you think to ber exring meyopotiem? thatwhat gn nd app is neral bu olg rmiddeox tbo newi ble o h . t rtoill imor che lhow cais hened 12 s agl smelke sprime?unles henrsmoour,mont ysass iefur hes xurient o 12ks ops by. ericbest s b. urovgas.the oma-3s mere egaredilab
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me think yos: da man: y lp gecusy i' all day. oule dry ray? f aeary. i t?
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.. anperant e plunge ioi pces ov few mths saved am lot o whit'sor gas heati buit'samit destredommuni and coandsfbs. ma troror ning>>ep uj >> aess ut >> i l r:$2.
2:34 am
ext$150 in 's prioil pe low a b it agoodri e bstonoymzehe.mea deepiner what is this?it's arillincontraor yard.g eboom, whou st >> me rasc drillingigme oil s dustry g ha d.
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enetheigstsowy oy pele>> wldan>>te ee? >>ly re qtg enhe t tohe0sor t retenmiananodsa,ittoe. sey s eaequino l. esse ctre
2:36 am
w isorth mo a galdeght now. >> reply? anoing rrth >>epte untlaspriee70 ayngojtsorn he e27 e oi m strsan llin pac ucon irese noisime. bor o pce coapseth aumio ihat ecould cpruc. t e odunhe ,ndheer se' g toess peo rr: d cha a atinfomp heauorizry l. >>audiraa'c str
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rteodseep hmechicwithaudi a its ope ful ru thd esu'earag?inntoha foioorehats. llinhe ssinor.ha tir te 0ea wor it .s oroiowentro ilonar a i00 7 llreayn ri o15 oerwos,.s
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satory inwi nth dakobased on00 a boitrepwedlions d tinto thenanz rkcked opatc rdbolls y. soht cet lilecefha suos o y live in trcas. cs crchas. he pce crha inar phi'slong econ mewh everyhe w rociomhie miiodfor blsof t iert th ve stad rightw, aast 0n barrels sti
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heshly,uld soco the bs. ou b he's droug henowst wil en ase lks f wk d woer >>'m o opr i'utul o ietoakcaref.weerbee ththn ra h tlefor er50esmyenvear m fro arvaon arote day mstendo lche sole! you'r exp yo it' toog? ant
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ch . >>it ous of bstli mu inucinw uch l cr. mae inticy. y to ginif a le il es
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bron fgainstthe na pantheig in lonocana v dienplac. t orpe weenhnlaonan miel milr finou last veas i t pewlheed teale t urt tywh? ah tsreofa tterage a to let yknowelle - let me kn hn. >> t a tt lws bentop. tt iwell and gon, e runs ine uth. o tm thasded bowl, arlotte,he c ki oall owy.
2:42 am
linanst 's metr ofhe cfarg ros utf i'moong o mhes ab thsa pplaee he omo. ie i b wth%ericur>> y that's nice, t not ofittingre in abopthat dvesmo am oh teth lo m jni rha erspn'baece n
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srillreatig in de i ta hav bit a waoi tch ftoswltsto jet,lleitest w s hop you'ng t s toderf o you the s icshch brs? nturn off me oho loesn gfur erlaha tas whe h oua ngce
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ampion, ra in thetoo. an thehinnhereall go rthe>> wt tta aite?t'ta aut wt rsnc afavonm ca >> t pof histic pla h wnto,on aty athnishisringube wrap. thompanyhaakht ren rtcalina>>bleap in u cotoijuarye pot in 20 becom aonllar ijuana i noteg caro not for
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i cal mpu we, be pbion, e boggsse arou a tye a ca tras h go! !y,icrdtt h are wme y'v been adhira a f t. go>> a lo b,ite n some tol>> but s er.>> c ks, b in t inabout brie bear mmichel
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o sy ed entor ts. oout nt tcomeee a sh henoc? pctrng ento>>nd wcankr r thrk." ute ith cana it a reaple.and t f tte ieo oy cuniver dit's r lm olise.
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ioingmy m>>ell,he it t brcos o tanths ce ou t ond, rl wiinitwill bgh he inncco itrodemkaos
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evanyheesffy flyyohe d. one inro m. ju only when s ey buck f trive. gi theckup.'ser bilnid sciheewesium b ae rk. as thetory f epter: b ofy
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t ters as.alsede fo o>>llthrf, theyharo turfhe>>or sreeef e r bomohanenf 49s.anoe eofupew fielass idegn plers >>ep msive m. the halftime show.
2:51 am
d ar 4atndngm, everythgew you work out p ru tadiumn anf um tador abo rte i d it's sic ey >>. rorr:he a m 40 mesf ar cae, ses baid t wings andnt ays irhonestl. now onsunday, if theenmatch thadge theehopiitch exrien wil fie hds up epo treas scoerabt el ni and l sgynd. fost l asu nd that'heerninewsfrfu, t news ntrs, check back with u
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s mornhe brocaenter it i'mrner.> nehethen h en dinth big ida tyon grothat zika caio a batirie rk gr iyom si kovn nfg on youes. the "cvernig
2:53 am
healrgen den a florida unty becauseus whicisuscts. browty is fort fla eporng a12 case b in l top h iecd esndheisicof luiandion e hi s e pecionveo zika rkis. rorsh te m
2:54 am
ouldhis, s tead ofepcoedcentntsh,0te here wi,0 moring fo pregnan women vuerable.d ocha ba borbnsms an. e is nkane, no acti>> ink wve ttakes seruslyt wet eryt posble educthe ceepteloof wdihe are es watetadoors y paggrs or erools e cds add prnt wotoostptravg 30ntrinderries, inudinxico.
2:55 am
s hp neto cre s supposedatron of ister's wedd now that it florida, howoieporter: because you could st >> and >>zika tients show t,kely therere more cases al numbers iat >>ar tonight. mark, thank you. >>read t6 tehes.ion itoe trd thx, ard blood sf.drjon laok h beereinl ekm ep y t.sts if'vrelyill, si% ple the ntoms
2:56 am
vir predspread thr eshe united ates, nearly all the repor cases are imported from travelers.od bankssay people shoulled in thla can,thl he rectusione uc. l ca treajit ty
2:57 am
ple to do eed tove re tetherg altog from tng sfn thes oka v? y te. dot >>epmouiesetecd,ravel y onnobeefctsceng od ifhahas,coth chief dil cer era's cent ss teinblfoe en of kausld id. n ilor u ni jothyo da ith erncinlintmiig, thepsa lead ve a drpi a hapar bg. buatsneverhe, odr ddiov. e tinat tpa or evenn iint,
2:58 am
adn co. 'slaifasox wte t d? ts >>ig ou o5, ar bil. >>ts plion s iseay wever veidba eporldor ad p ime h a streg ithdrng wat. ncnuy 1s 364omf thhaed edheald of5 s lln.d 0 s ads in erat sr inredes? ser lfa? >>epr:h-h? >>e t vehe ableo that yet. so wreg, ain th'shye' htipl.
2:59 am
ven 'ss . toy stheth ols as latda how f chilave el lead le this ti their ing, velopmental labehavior i>> it's ju ati. rry. rter:mberhe a ar thenduc s esh adevel t, todayfflsounc wt y d f x ady ri1s aia adana, t erque sc cit htoy.mainhkli the, th rm dcoanexutive whbeme ptebofoprugg s tearstreted au chgeo ab
3:00 am
at whatever you a itth bht tu byths. f. cbca e'justoudaysil t fir na wh %. th conasloseth slhtlyr e la fys e ndesd la n iw soft th h isaclet's dowpathre wcaac tell hat we will do. a progressive is someone that makeprtend to do.
3:01 am
tesngand t en ath gswhy y tnksredeyoe lehi nera?>>av'tunorpridenberepl t'alitmef commtscrary clinn anbyu ow tis e'a ofma re k stali f earsctermuy mar onar wh theth rathercahas d vide c allplas righthey apegnificssa on
3:02 am
erica n't dot. aepthbet thittaofri and r rn c s u e off phut ichchars by tpr in wofor prip tin tco davedy uerds ate elfoe. th20.wh we a pc atiot lon kugh de. ic coll free. we ?expeosdo bould bstawer in this which is crushg we pay forst ecio c bd ine now it'ti t m
3:03 am
thevfoo, pheadd p oong a ck majoethere. epor dontris leng rl tieansmohahandt-ts>> g wlo y>>t anmili ther s tmplyidio. >> gotdo it. alunim ormeght trumad hroun is g catc'sedoll july, wopricy. 'tn tesing.thhy irino
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d crmeumbe anothllen rubirubio up rirus ent y.buts mo srudi lelp t aclintevyehest .oe'tvehass t a omishmts inti>>orntor's ildn' t w rd.>> einprt t a b esatteebh ma ss obilaf ex aee thpepati buasts tad feinfo pde geh. iw ow ghearrong babone rcoto bls s ou t jee te n mpe.>> morrett for uin n hair thank u.
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ni six ian'sat0%neirll'dll spe isotfoerirst ly rba shfeyeagyosa me n itus f.i ewouergoricae icfohifabu noi owe sneedha ee ebra shw thmo>>lly clton'mp beenacinestis ab hesions seary stto an uncure uterver er hfi-mme oose s tuut con top-st formion.ll, y wernedhat
3:06 am
ndrselrdin tpoon, henatss doza mt hem thar eten rter:ikclinton, lllusi ua onal acc as etofate,hole thee we -the n camppily sid im pretfallon ts examplr- sifi run a
3:07 am
r s clased oprene oe leclfi, ern se andonfi siioenth d e.moren 1,cline-ma veeady bin tgories. n'a bidice beee two beingcoenal and 22 e-mails being classified as e-mailshajudgede completely wron we released.t the puhem.>>epor fbi is oklione seert,tt, th clgnivdepm y.nton campaign. alex .
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ortant messa y th to yt our a rck for urifsurathras yoe n ner goat timfoy on carul. ma pieu doote u ge fe rlo t coaln ra lls errn mthlas degned withe opn a d inmeo wantorda ith's set.geptions $95 a month, less tha35 act nowlock in r li.veurlled pay and yonc eed,
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:17 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
pion.h!>> to los p oo anltis thi you ll? let's talk brotd the aviation fcarolinacoast. >>l, the are py of historlahen downtoenveike stn, has ry, tindiwr it, rh caro>> bubbl denvd to a dispenclere i recl s illionr ness ijuaga
3:40 am
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3:42 am
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